Fußabstreifer aus Edelstahl  für Eingangsbereiche - www.onlineshop-schuetze.de

Cleaning device for shoes and boots – for the industrial sector, the public sector, associations and other institutions, as well as for private purposes

Easy to set up and easy to use - Less dirt on your boots and cleaner rooms.

Fußabstreifer aus Edelstahl  für Eingangsbereiche - www.onlineshop-schuetze.de
Fußabstreifer aus Edelstahl  für Eingangsbereiche - www.onlineshop-schuetze.de

Easy to use - convincing results

Just put the boot scraper and grating outside of any building, house or workshop right next to the entrance. Don’t put it too close to a wall. Stamp off the coarse dirt on the grating and wipe your shoes or boots along the brushes. All the remaining dirt will be removed from the soles and from the edges, even from grid footwear. This is the best way to leave the dirt where it’s supposed to be – outside. 

A quality shoe cleaning device made in Germany

The metal part of our shoe cleaning system is welded and hot-dip galvanized by hand. Thanks to the exact placing of the brush holders best stability is guaranteed. The holders and the metal parts in general are weatherproof.

NEW – Since recently we also offer the cleaning devices with powder coating and devices made of V2A stainless steel, with PP brushes and nylon trims. The latter is especially suitable for areas with high sanitary standards.

We offer the following models:

Special cleaning brushes and brushes according to your choice

The brushes we use have the right firmness for providing the necessary counter pressure. The wooden part of the brush is made of beech wood. If requested, we also offer brushes made of polyethylene or nylon, suitable for food production industries.


When ordering with Online Shop Schütze you have the advantage, that the cleaning brushes can be exchanged and reordered. Due to the durability of the scraper and grating, only the brushes need to be exchanged.

Shoe cleaners in the colors of your sports club!

We can provide brushes in ten different colors and therefore in many color combinations. That is why we can offer the cleaning brushes in the individual coloring of your sports club, association or team.